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BUSINESS FORMATION: Making the Right Choices for Your Business

An attorney’s job is to help the client select the form of business organization that best fits the business. To decide whether to create a corporation (“C” or “S”), LLC, partnership, LLP or other entity, a client needs to know the tax consequences, filing obligations and personal liability issues associated with each business form.

The attorney also needs to determine what initial agreements, permits or licenses will be needed, such as a shareholder or operating agreement, to address ownership and control of the entity; and to prepare employee agreements, leases, and any other agreements required for the initial operation of the business.

It is also critical to the successful marketing of any business to clear and protect a trade name and/or trademarks, before any money is invested in promoting the business. Similarly, any other intellectual property upon which the business depends must be addressed, either through acquisition or licensing.

Shebar Law Firm handles all of the foregoing essentials of business formation.