Shebar Law Firm

LITIGATION: Effective Communication of the Risks and Rewards

Litigation is the use of the judicial process to obtain compensation for losses, or to obtain a court order preventing conduct that may cause losses.

Certain aspects of litigation are unpredictable. Judges, juries and adversaries do not always conform to expectations. A critical function of the attorney is to help the client understand the risks and rewards of any litigation strategy, whether defending or prosecuting claims. This includes providing an honest and thorough assessment of the costs of any litigation strategy.

The attorneys at Shebar Law Firm consider communication -- in terms understandable to the non-lawyer -- to be one of the most important things a lawyer can do. A client must understand how the legal process applies to the case at hand in order to make rational choices.

Shebar Law Firm handles litigation in the following areas:

• Commercial / business disputes, including business torts and breach of contract

• Employer / employee disputes, including breach of non-competition agreement, wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment

• Copyright, trademark and trade-secret infringement / licensing disputes

• Bankruptcy litigation