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TRANSACTIONAL: Protecting What’s Important Without Over-Lawyering

“Transactional law” generally refers to the practice of negotiating and documenting legally-binding agreements. The attorney’s primary concern is to understand the client’s priorities, from the non-negotiable to the bargaining chip. The attorney must be able to use those priorities, together with insights about the party on the other side, to arrive at the most advantageous deal possible.

The attorneys at
Shebar Law Firm draft with clarity and brevity, avoiding legalese wherever possible, so that agreements are easily understood and readily enforceable, long after the deal is signed and the reasons for various provisions may be forgotten. The firm's litigation experience enhances its ability to avoid ambiguous or other problematic drafting.

Shebar Law Firm handles transactions in the following areas:

• Business contracts, including asset purchase, joint venture and development agreements

• Intellectual property licenses, including trademark, software and music licenses

• Employee, independent contractor and other personal service contracts

• Entertainment contracts, including recording, producer, sideman, songwriter and publisher agreements

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